Attributes Of A Real Messianic Congregation

Rabbi Yossef of the Messianic Defense League defines the following attributes of a Messianic Congregation/fellowship

A. Uniform Definition of salvation
1. Acceptance of salvation through faith alone in the finished work of Messiah by the shedding of his blood as a vicarious (blood) atonement for sin
2. establishment of a holy sanctified lifestyle through the observance of the biblical Torah as defined in the Pentatuch (5 books of Moses)
3. That salvation is a free gift equally given to Jew and Gentile alike.
a. That G-d is not a respector of persons and treats Jews and Gentiles as equal sinners in need of a redeemer.
b. That G-d does not expect Jews to become Gentiles or that gentiles become Jews in order to partake of the new covenant grace of redemption
c. That there is one law given for both the natural seed of avraham and for the ger (stranger) that dwells amongst us…. in other words that the law defines holiness for both Jew and Gentile in a fellowship of believers
4. That not one Jot or Title (Yod or Vav) of the Law has been done away with by Yeshua… for he is the Telos (Goal) of the Law.
5. That salvation come only by faith… not by observance or by sacrament but by solely by faith in the finished work of Messiah.
6. That the old man must die and be reborn as one new man in Messiah
B. Hebraic Worship
1. Observance of the moadim (appointed times) of Shabbat and Festival as a memorial of haShems plan of salvation through his son Yeshua haNotzri (Jesus the Nazarene)
2. Uniformity of Liturgy
a. Order of worship based on Jewish tradition
b. Traditional blessings (brachot) in Hebrew and/or english
c. timing of service or celebration based on Jewish tradition
- 7th day shabbos not Lunar Shabbat
- Pesach on Nisan 15 and Sukkoth on Tishri 15 not on alternative (karait) calendar.
d. rejection of pagan holidays and feasts (Christmas and Easter)
C. Keshrut and Adornment laws
a. Biblically kosher foods served at Oneg Shabbat and Chag
b. wearing of tzitzit and kippot encouraged as per Jewish tradition
D. in accordance with attribute 3.a. it is not necessary for Messianic leaders to be Jewish however they should not call themselves Rabbi unless they have Rabbinical Semicha from a recognized traditional or Messianic Jewish organization.
E. in accordance with attribute 3.a it is not necessary for Messianic leaders to be male but famale leaders should be married and submitted to an ordained husband in ministry.

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