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This Wiki is devoted to the authentic Messianic movement.

we plan as a community project to document the history of the movement
to document the state of the movement as it exists today
to define what a messianic is
to define what makes a messianic congregation
and to detail who is important in the movement today

We also plan on defining the counterfits and why they are a cult in order to steer seekers away from their error

What is the Authentic Messianic Movement?

The true and authrentic Messianic Movement is a return to the first century "Church" (or Assembly) of Yerushalaiyim.
An assembly of Jews and Gentiles devoted to worshipping the creator and his redeemer (Yeshua) within the context of hebraic study and worship.
It was an eclectic body of believers led by Jewish followers of the Messiah which kept the biblical shabbat and the biblical feasts of G-d as a memorial or his redemptive plan for all mankind.
The true and authentic Messianic movement is a return to biblical Christianity and a rejection of the pagan romanized religion implemented by antisemites like Constantine and Charlemaine.
IT is not at emnity with the traditional Church or with traditional Judaism but exists to provide a place where Jew and Gentile can worship the creator and his redeemer together in a biblical context without the trappings of either Romanized Christianity or Rabbinic Judaism.
It does not exist to make Gentiles into Jews or Jews into Christians but to make all men and women into believers of the promise of Moshiach.

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