The History Of The Messianic Movement

Even the History of the Messianic Movement is fraught with controversy… while some evangelical and anti-missionary (rabbinic Jews in opposition to the Messianic Movement) claim that it is a 20th century phenomena which has grown out of mainstream christianity,, the formal party line adopted and taught by most Messianic Jews is that it is a continuation or revitalization of the first century church detailed in the biblical Book entiitled the Acts of the Apostles. It is the contention of this writer and his group of Messianic Apologists (The MEssianic Defense League) that the truth is a hybrid of both concepts… that the original Messianic movement of the first century did effectively die out as a result of persecution and replacement by the Romanized Church through history, that Messianic Jews have always existed within the church itself though not as an organized congregational movement and that during the 19th century and even more so within the 20th century a revitalization of that concept of the Torah Observant Jew who loves Messiah Jesus developed and is today incorporated into the Authentic Worldwide Messianic Movement. In this tretise we will examine the evidence for that concept and demonstrate the continued influence of Jewish believers throughout church history unto the present day organized movement.

The first Century Assembly of Believers

Jewish Believers through History

Felix Mendelsson

Benjamin Disraeli

The Hope of Israel Movement in NYC - 1895

Hebrew Christian Alliance of America (HCAA) - 1915

Chosen People Ministries - 1060's

Jews for Jesus 1970's

MJAA - 1975

UMJC - 1980

The rise of the Fringe

In the 1980s several fringe elements began to appear in America. these fringe centered on seperating the gentiles messianics from the jewish leaders of the movement and tickled the ears of those gentiles who wanted to observe Torah as some sort of merit badge.

MIA - 1985

The Internet wars - 1987

SANJ - 1988

Embracing the Christian Right MBI - 1990

The 21st Century

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