Who Can Edit This Wiki

This Wiki is owned by and was initially created by Rav Yossef of Congregation BetEchad in Bartlesville OK
Anyone can create an account on this wiki and edit its contents but RavYossef reserves the right to back out changes and block users who abuse this resource.
We are Messianic Jews… we love and welcome gentiles who are Torah Observant Believers to contribute and participate in this community… however we do not accept the Ephrainite deception of two house doctrine which claims that the gentiles are the lost tribes of Israel nor are we Netzerim who deny the deity of the Messiah and insist on using some variation or the 4 letter divine name (YHVH) in common discussion. The name of God is God or Elohim or Adonai and the name of his Messiah is Yeshua or anglicised to Jesus… if you co not agree please go start your own Wiki elsewhere. Do not pretend you know the person if you do not even know his name. THIS WIKI IS FOR BELIEVERS… PERIOD

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